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Now you can easily achieve your goals: lose weight, general well-being, increased ability to concentrate – all this is possible immediately and easily!


The revolution to a better attitude to life through unique patented technology from the USA. Now also available in Europe – and in several flavors.

Ketone Operating System – Nutritionally Advanced Technology”

Keto OS is the ONLY patented ketone salt in the world that puts our bodies into the ketone phase in less than 60 minutes. What exactly ketones, and especially R-BHB, are, we will explain to you on our other pages.

You will find out from us what kind of product it is, how it is taken, what happens in your body and, above all, what are your advantages. With our specially developed 10-day challenge, you can try KETO OS and see how your body and thus your everyday life develop positively.


Rapid loss of body fat

Less feeling of hunger

Less cravings

Less mood swings from hypoglycaemia

Better sleep

Better digestion

Higher mental focus

No more midday slumps / no “feeding coma”

improvement of the complexion

muscle protection

Help with epilepsy / diabetes / migraines

Physical and mental performance improvement

Ketone bodies are our body’s best source of energy, especially for muscles and brain! They can naturally reduce inflammatory processes via the immune system. Your sleep is deeper and more restful. With the help of ketones, our body uses our dietary and depot fat instead of carbohydrates.


The ketone products below, Keto OS NAT, are the only exogenous ketones in the world produced by natural microbial fermentation of plants. ONLY the right turning BHB are used. That’s why we pride ourselves on a nearly 100% natural energy source that’s made vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.


There are no artificially produced additives! In addition to the three macronutrients protein, carbohydrates & fat, the exogenous ketones can be described as the fourth macronutrient, which provide large amounts of energy and achieve all the benefits already mentioned.

60 minutes !

In just 20 to 60 minutes into ketosis. With the Duel Fuel System, the body immediately uses fat for energy, even when there is glucose in the blood and/or glycogen in the muscles and liver.

What do exogenous ketones do

Many health or figure-conscious people are interested in the low-carb diet or the ketogenic diet. The reasons for the increased interest can be different.